Tie Ins and Piping Networks

To date, ITI has undertaken myriad of Tie Ins and piping network projects in excess of 80 kilometers and ranging from low to high pressure systems. Several types of pipe material and various specifications were put in place in order to achieve these projects. ITI specializes in applications such as supply of seawater, brine, drainage, agricultural and high quality water treatment for a wide range of projects including real estate development, industrial and mining projects. ITI has an extensive experience in operating and maintaining pipeline systems. Its in-house developed systems allow the optimization of renewals expenditure to the required life of the pump and pipeline asset.

ITI designs, builds, operates, and maintains piping networks tailored tothe requirements of each project and compliant with applicable International Codes and Standards. Placing the pumping stations in strategic locations is crucial to their optimal performance and efficiency. Custom-made piping networks and/or pumping stations may be put in place for an easier flow/transit through the tricky sections of the pipeline (e.g. mountain range).

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