Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems

ITI’s team of highly trained engineers and water specialists, design and develop comprehensive integrated water treatment systems that are tailored to each client’s requirements and specifications. Applications include brackish water, surface water, and seawater treatment systems for industrial or commercial water uses. Other systems include reverse osmosis membranes, water softener systems, membrane bioreactors, and filtration systems.

ITI’s Water & Wastewater Treatment offers a wide array of solutions ranging from pre-treatment plants to waste water treatment services. ITI also provides water treatment chemicals to optimize the efficiency and longevity of industrial water systems, including biocide treatments to manage micro-organisms, and Antiscalant chemicals for scale control in both industrial systems and potable water systems. ITI also provides installation and maintenance of water treatment systems such as water softeners, reverse osmosis units, pump booster sets, ion exchange resins, and chlorine dioxide generators. ITI’s enhanced solutions optimize efficiency, reliability, water quality, and overall cost per unit of water.