Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems

ITI’s team of highly trained engineers and water specialists, design and develop comprehensive integrated water treatment systems that are tailored to each client’s requirements and specifications. Applications include brackish water, surface water, and seawater treatment systems for industrial or commercial water uses. Other systems include reverse osmosis membranes, water softener systems, membrane bioreactors, and filtration systems.

ITI’s Water & Wastewater Treatment offers a wide array of solutions ranging from pre-treatment plants to waste water treatment services. ITI also provides water treatment chemicals to optimize the efficiency and longevity of industrial water systems, including biocide treatments to manage micro-organisms, and Antiscalant chemicals for scale control in both industrial systems and potable water systems. ITI also provides installation and maintenance of water treatment systems such as water softeners, reverse osmosis units, pump booster sets, ion exchange resins, and chlorine dioxide generators. ITI’s enhanced solutions optimize efficiency, reliability, water quality, and overall cost per unit of water.

Water Injection Systems

ITI provides the services for the design, engineering and complete construction of custom built water injection systems for oil field sector. The water injection systems are mostly used to improve the pressure in the oil reservoir. Water Injection Systems scope mainly include:

  • Water Purification System depending on raw water used
  • Compatibility Tests
  • Chemical Dosing Systems (Anti-scalant, Corrosion Inhibitor, Oxygen Scavenger, Biocide…etc)
  • High Pressure Pump Skid
  • Lot Instruments

Pumping and Lifting Stations

ITI’s pumps and pumping solutions cater for a wide variety of applications. Our pumps are availabe in different materials, ranging from standard and tailor-made metal to engineered plastic construction, and suitable for any fluid handling application

Standard design pumps include:

  • Submersible & Non-Clog Pumps
  • Bore Hole and Deep Well Submersible Pumps
  • Single & Multistage Pumps
  • Corrosion Resistant Chemical Transfer Pumps
  • Chemical Dosing Pumps
  • Chemical Handling Drum Pumps
  • Fire Fighting Pumps & Pump Sets
  • Pump controls and protection accessories

Alongside standard design pumps, ITI builds special design pumping systems, customized to clients’ requirements and specifications, and intended for seawater, chemical processing, firefighting, and water and wastewater applications. Solids handling pumps are also available for applications involving high solid content.

Cooling Towers

With several years of experience in Cooling Systems, ITI has developed the most efficient, reliable and flexible cooling systems in the industry today. ITI Cooling systems are guaranteed to achieve the highest standards of efficiency due to ITI’s exclusive engineering approach, employing a deep analysis of the process to be cooled and the local climatic conditions. In this way ITI assures a system that is a tailor-made cooling solution, modular and easily expandable. Complete systems are provided from inlet to outlet including design, engineering, supply and construction of industrial duty cooling towers. ITI’s primary focus is to supply &/or build a superior quality tower using durable corrosion resistant materials designed to meet the demanding requirements of the cooling tower environment, local & internationals codes and standards. ITI’s cooling towers material of construction depends on application, client specification & budgets raging from complete stainless steel, galvanized steel and fiber glass.

Tie Ins and Piping Networks

To date, ITI has undertaken myriad of Tie Ins and piping network projects in excess of 80 kilometers and ranging from low to high pressure systems. Several types of pipe material and various specifications were put in place in order to achieve these projects. ITI specializes in applications such as supply of seawater, brine, drainage, agricultural and high quality water treatment for a wide range of projects including real estate development, industrial and mining projects. ITI has an extensive experience in operating and maintaining pipeline systems. Its in-house developed systems allow the optimization of renewals expenditure to the required life of the pump and pipeline asset.

ITI designs, builds, operates, and maintains piping networks tailored tothe requirements of each project and compliant with applicable International Codes and Standards. Placing the pumping stations in strategic locations is crucial to their optimal performance and efficiency. Custom-made piping networks and/or pumping stations may be put in place for an easier flow/transit through the tricky sections of the pipeline (e.g. mountain range).

Sludge Dewatering Systems

ITI offers full-fledged sludge dewatering services from design to suply, installation, and operation of tailored systems. The latter are used for a variety of applications such as:

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Chemical and Industrial Processing Systems
  • Oil & Soap Industries
  • Food & Beverages Industries
  • Marble and Granite Industries

Sludge dewatering systems are available in manually operated, semi- automatic or completely automatic systems with PLC control.

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